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Hi, I’m Dan Schenk. Welcome to my website dan-schenk-life.com

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Start with why

As Simon Sinek says, start with why so here’s to why am I doing what I’m doing:

Liberty – Freedom – Independence

My goal is to become independent throughout all aspects of life. There are various aspects of freedom I pursue, the ones I find most important are elaborated below.

  1. Financial Independence
    My goal is to become financially independent as quickly as possible. This means building income-generating assets, which support my basic lifestyle. At the moment my expenses maintain at £1,500 per month, which is what I’m looking to get in via income-generating assets like this website.
  2. Location Independence
    Once I achieve financial independence, my next goal will be to become location independent. This means being able to live wherever I want, let it be on a hidden island in South East Asia or in a busy metropolis like New York. The incoming cash-flow might have to increase for some locations more than for others, which can be achieved via growing the income-generating assets built under 1) or establishing new ones.
  3. Civil Freedom
    Once I am able to live freely wherever I want, the next stage will be to unlock civil freedom, which won’t be as easily achieved as the first two. Civil freedom means not being restricted by governments, laws, regulations and other authorities in one’s natural behaviour. Only natural laws, which are given by nature itself, should act upon me and I shall break free from all forms laws established by society. Right now I don’t have a concrete plan how it is possible to achieve true civil freedom, but I will dedicate time and effort to this once the time comes.
  4. Economic Liberalism
    This will be the final stage of my doing and the pinnacle of my work. Once I have truly emerged as a free person by achieving points 1) to 3), the final step is to pave the way for others to be able to achieve the same. This goes over shaping how the global economy works towards a model of liberalism where the markets and the various actors (employees, directors, owners) within it enjoy total freedom only subdued by nature’s laws and unequivocally accepted morals. This is an utopian vision, which won’t be completed in my lifetime, however, I will dedicate my time and effort towards it once number 1) to 3) have been unlocked.

What I do

I’m involved in a variety of different ventures, dedicated to my purpose outlined above.

As of 2019, I’m working on achieving the first of my goals, financial independence. I will update this space regularly once I get involved in new ventures or shut down existing ones.

  1. dan-schenk-life.com
    Number 1 is obviously running this website, where I document my journey.
  2. Investing
    I’m also running a small portfolio of stocks listed on the LSE and looking to extend this workstream by raising money for the Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust. More about what’s going on in that space in the investment section on this website.
  3. Day Trading
    Besides long to medium-term investment opportunities, I’m also trading stocks and indices on a daily basis to generate profits from short term positions. I haven’t launched a dedicated section about this topic on this website but will do so shortly.
  4. The Navigate Group
    Earlier in 2019, I co-founded the digital media company The Navigate Group, which is dedicated to the quest of helping consumers navigate products and services available in the digital and real world. So far, we’ve launched the first website, Navigate Fashion, which is centred around men’s fashion.
  5. Retail Arbitrage
    Since August 2019, I’m doing a bit of retail arbitrage on eBay in order to ramp up credit card points. I will explain more details in an article about this topic shortly.
  6. E-Commerce Consulting with Tritium Growth Partners
    In November 2019 I joined Tritium Growth Partners, an E-Commerce Consultancy based in Manchester with clients in Germany. I’m currently working about 1 day per week for them in a freelance agreement.

What I’ve done in the past

2015-2019: Worked full-time at The Hut Group (THG) initially managing international projects for the brand Myprotein. Amongst other key projects, entering 25 new markets over the course of 2 years was one of the main ones. Afterwards, moved to the Technology department to manage various IT projects across front-end, backend and infrastructure.

2012-2015: Worked part-time and did scientific research at MAN Truck & Bus AG in the department of product architecture. The goal of the department is to apply a structured planning phase to the early phase of product development projects. The department, therefore, utilises methodologies from the areas of complexity management, process optimisation, project management and data science.

2010-2015: Studied Mechanical Engineering in Munich, Germany at TU Munich. Specialisation in complexity management and process optimisation during the engineering product development phase.

Skill book


SQL, VBA, PHP, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Webhosting, Infrastructure

Financial Literacy

Investing, Trading, Stock Market, Business Case, Balance Sheet

Problem Solving

Project Management, Process Management, Complexity Management, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analytics, Math, Physics


SEO, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, Ads, Social Media Marketing, Growth Hacking, International Expansion, Website/Conversion/Funnel Optimisation


Scooter, Car, Motor Yacht, Sailing Yacht


English, German

What information you find on dan-schenk-life.com

Banner Travel mobile
Everything about my journeys throughout the world. So far, I have covered Bali, but more to come.
Investing Banner Mobile
I’m discussing my portfolio on a monthly basis, my monthly watchlist and give background information about investing related topics.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle mobile
I’m documenting my entrepreneurial journey with monthly entrepreneur recaps and plan to interview other entrepreneurs to share their stories, too.


I’m always open to discuss opportunities to collaborate…

  • You want to get featured on this website with an interview or similar?
  • You want to invite me for a feature on your website, podcast or youtube channel?
  • You want me to speak at your event?
  • You want to interview me about my areas of expertise, from trading stocks to handling complex IT projects?
  • You are searching for an experienced project manager to help fix a project which has gone terribly wrong in your organisation?
  • You are searching for a consultant to bring your e-commerce business to the next level?
  • You want to start a business and are searching for a co-founder?

Nothing is impossible – just reach out to me via my contact details below and we can discuss the details.


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