Crypto Portfolio Review – March 2021

Crypto Porfolio Review March 2021 FB

Welcome to my first crypto portfolio review. I’ll be talking here about how my crypto portfolio has been doing in the past month as well as what coins I am currently holding and what coins I have just sold to take my profits.
March has been a real bull run and I was able to bank some solid profits. Guess I jumped on the crypto bandwagon just at the right time. I explain below two trades I completed in March, both of which I sold for over 50% in profits after just one month.
I hope you enjoy reading my crypto portfolio review for March 2021.
Let me know any questions in the comments section below.

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Performance March 2021

March 2021 Performance Crypto Portfolio - Crypto Portfolio Review March 2021

March was a solid month for crypto. My portfolio is up 39%, which puts my portfolio up 36% on the year so far. Not bad.
I continued to put more cash into my portfolio, although at a reduced rate compared to February.
Will the bull-run continue in April? If so I’ll make sure to load some more cash into the account and invest in hot coins.

  • Cash-In: £1,106
  • Cash-Out: £28
  • Profit March: £1,247 (39%)
  • Profit YTD: £1,178 (36%)


Top Holdings

Below the Top 10 holdings as of March 2021, excluding cash and cash-equivalent stablecoins (like USDT).

Right now I’m big in EOS with 18% of my portfolio tied up in that. And there’s still a long way to go to my target price of $14.00.
BZRX, CRV, YFII and ALGO are the next batch. All still over 100% from my target price away, so I expect those to stay in my portfolio for a while.
ALPHA, SXP and LIT are slowly closing in on my target price, so I might be able to take my profits on those next month.
BEL is almost at my target price, so I’m probably taking my profits shortly on this one, while XLM is just a minor position because I received a payment in that coin.

That’s actually all my coin holdings right now, the rest is in USDT.

NrHolding% of PortfolioTarget Price
1EOS18%$ 14.00
2BZRX11%$ 1.60
3CRV11%$ 7.00
4YFII10%$ 9000.00
5ALGO8%$ 3.00
6ALPHA6%$ 2.80
7SXP6%$ 4.50
8LIT5%$ 14.00
9BEL4%$ 6.00
10XLM2%$ 0.55

Closed Positions

I sold a couple of my position in March. Here are the details.

REEF @ $0.05

Entered this one in February as one of my first positions and sold it in March at the previous high at around $0.05. Some quick 66% profit. Easy win.

  • Price entered: $ 0.03 (02/2021)
  • Price closed: $ 0.05
  • Profit %: 66%
REEF - Crypto Portfolio Review March 2021
REEF / USDT with entry at $0.03 and exit at $0.05

HIVE @ $0.45

HIVE was another one I bought in February and it then quickly almost reached the target level of $0.45 after just a few days. It then took another few weeks for it to finally break through the target level, where I took my profits. After that, it surged up to $1.00. Missed out on that run, but I don’t complain about the 50% profits I banked on it either.

  • Price entered: $ 0.30 (02/2021)
  • Price closed: $ 0.45
  • Profit %: 50%
HIVE - Crypto Portfolio Review March 2021
HIVE / USDT with entry at $0.30 and exit at $0.45

I hope you find my crypto portfolio recap for March 2020 useful. How did your portfolio perform last month and have you bought or sold any coins? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to discuss.

And as always, please let me know any questions in the comments section below.

Dan Schenk

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