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DSL Trading Week 25 26 Feature

Weekly Market Recap – Week 25/26 (2020)

Here it comes, my first red week market recap. It had to come eventually. Fortunately, I am looking at only small losses. Unfortunately, I’m below my monthly target again, meaning the last two days of the month next week, now have to be solid green days with no more losers if I want to hit my monthly target. In week 25 I didn’t trade at all, cause I was feeling a bit under the weather. Always dangerous sitting at the desk, when you’re not feeling 100%, the risk is just multiplied too much. So best to take it easy, recover and then attack afterwards again.
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Week 24 DSL Trading Feature

Weekly Market Recap – Week 24 (2020)

This week I started trading off the wrong foot once again. Monday was a big red day, my biggest so far with over £400 of losses. But this only got me more focussed and I was able to pull the trigger on some solid opportunities, which were presenting itself during the week. In the end, I was able to finish my strongest week so far with my strongest day so far. Over £400 in profits on Friday and over £740 of profits on the week.
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Week 23_Feature

Weekly Market Recap – Week 23 (2020)

Solid start into the new month, with over £270 of profit. Although it didn’t start quite that well, as I fell into a £300 hole right at the start. Consequently, I had to dig myself out of it. Always less pleasurable than starting with a nice green bolster. Anyway, the weekly profit target is achieved. Let’s get on next week.
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