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September, what have you brought me? First of all some nice holidays for Balinese Galungan. Then the addition of a new family member. Also, paying off my last debt facility – making me officially debt-free! Some success in my Investing workstream, however, getting beaten in my DSL trading workstream. Market 1: Dan 1. Tritium having a bit of a low season right now as well so will need to see what Q4 will bring into my life. Hopefully lots of young coconuts, lush beaches and a nice success story in my DSL Trading Workstream. Make it happen, Ganesha 😉
So, let’s review what was going on in the Dan Schenk Life. Goals, Profits and Losses as usual below.
I hope you enjoy my entrepreneur recap for September. Let me know any questions or comments in the comments section below

Table of contents

Personal Update

So, what happened in September?
First of all, there was this Balinese Holiday, Galungan and Kuningan, which celebrates the victory of good against evil. Spirits of deceased relatives return to visit their former homes during this time, so everyone makes their homes look nice and welcoming. I’m certainly in for that. Too much evil in the world already, the good needs some wins, too.
After Galungan, families typically go for a little holiday, visiting distant relatives and visiting sights together. So, we went up to the North of Bali and enjoyed some beautiful and relaxing days there.

During Galungan we also picked up a tiny little kitten from a rice field in Gianyar.
First, we thought it was a girl, so we called her Katy. Later we found out it is indeed a boy, so Catman it is. The little cute superhero.

Galungan Holiday
Galungan Holiday Getaway

Catman – The newest addition to the family

My monthly goals

On to my monthly goals as outlined in my previous Entrepreneur Recap.
Two goals set, one achieved. At least a 50/50 scenario and the other one goes straight back on the list for October. Keeping things rolling.

1. DSL Trading: Proof of Concept on Live Account Fail Red Cross

After having done some backtesting in August, in September it was finally time again to go back to my Live account and see if I can implement my newly refined strategy in real-time. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out just yet and I’m finishing the month down a little bit. In the end, I still needed some more time refining the strategy, so now in October I will try again testing it in my Live account and seeing where I’m ending up with.

2. Pay off final debt facility Green tick

This one I did and is a big milestone overall. Finally, debt-free! It feels good, gives me some headspace and I can concentrate now building up my net worth again. Every dollar available I’ll put into my investment account, my trading account or into one of my ventures and just keep on piling up.

Workstream Overview

Here you find an overview of my ongoing workstreams, which are Dan Schenk Life, Investing, DSL Trading and Consulting with Tritium Growth Partners. Under Dan Schenk Life I’m grouping all sorts of income-generating streams and not just developments on this very website.

The slowest month in a good while, but hey, you need those ups and downs. Bit of work stress here and there, then a bit of a slowdown afterwards. Rewinding, relaxing, taking out a coconut at the beach – you know what I’m talking about. Still enough profits to live a comfortable life here in Bali.

Total Profits (all workstreams, excluding any gains/losses from investments): £2837.54

Dan Schenk Life

dan-schenk-life.com didn’t make any profits as usual.
On the other hand, I had to extend my domain to keep the fun going for another year for you guys. Ha. Thank me later.

On the content side, it was back to basics, with just my Portfolio and Entrepreneur Recap. Hoping to do some more content in the DSL Trading Section soon again.

Profits and Losses

Revenue: £-
Costs: £15.59
Profits: -£15.59


You can see my full monthly portfolio review here. Top-level stats below.

September was a busy month in my investment calendar. I was finally able to inject some fresh Cash into my portfolio and consequently went on a little spending spree to get that Cash into the market for some juicy returns.
On the performance side, I came out on top against my benchmarks once again. That’s the second time in a row and already the 4th time in the past 6 months. My portfolio really has been on a good run in the last 2 quarters. Now, I’m excited to see what Q4 will bring to the table. Are we going to experience another market crash or a nice rally to finish the year? Whatever it will be, I’m ready. Are you?

Overall Portfolio Performance

Cumulative Performance DSL Investment Trust - Entrepreneur Recap September 2020

September 2020: -0.8%
YTD 2020: -4%  
All-time: -1%

DSL Trading

So, in September, I went back to my Live account to test my newly refined strategy there. Unfortunately, I still needed some more time to refine, so I ended the month with a small loss of £178.47.
The good news is, this didn’t blow my account and I can keep on testing in the Live environment in October.
Although I was hoping I could make some gains straight away. Well, let’s bring on October and see if things play out nicely now.

Accumulated PnL September 2020 - Entrepreneur Recap September

Total Profit: -£178.47

Consulting with Tritium Growth Partners

Not so much on a roll with Tritium anymore last month yet still beating my old salary. Much to complain? Not so much at all. I’d rather make 3 grand and go to the beach 5 times per week, than making 6 grand and not seeing the beach at all. After all, it’s the balance that’s important. After a few very busy weeks, now having a few slower weeks is exactly the contrast I need.

Turnover: £3,136

Expenses: £104.40

Profits: £3031.60

Cash Flow Overview

Cash Flow - Entrepreneur Recap September 2020

Cash Flow was finally in the green again after two months of struggling a bit on that front.
While my incoming cash wasn’t improving much – I’m still waiting on some juicy paychecks to be processed from Tritium Growth Partners – I managed my outgoing cash well. What obviously helped was the fact, that I already paid most of my rent for this month in the previous month. On top, I spent a bit of cash on the Galungan Celebrations and had a few business expenses once again.
Overall, I managed to stay well below my monthly Expense Target of £2,789.
Here’s the break-down.

Outgoing Cash:

  • Health Insurance + Health Expenses: £53
  • Rent: £106
  • Living Expenses: £1,864
  • Travel / Leisure / Gifts: £380
  • Business Expenses: £104

Incoming Cash:

  • Tritium: £3,500
  • Reimbursements: £44

Total Outgoing: £2,507
Total Incoming: £3,544
Net Cash Flow: £1,037

Outlook for October 2020

In October I will mostly focus on one thing and that is proofing the concept of my trading strategy in my Live account. Additionally, I signed myself up to a little reading challenge, because I figured I’m spending way too less time on reading and learning these days.

Goals October 2020

  1. DSL Trading: Proof of Concept on Live Account
  2. Read 2 Books in the financial space

So, first and foremost, I have to crack that trading thing. I was incredibly close earlier this year and had a really solid month in June. Then in July I almost blew it all. Now I’m figuring out a safer trading style, which is less prone to repeating what happened in July. This is the cornerstone of everything else that is to come on Dan Schenk Life, hence very important to unlock.

Secondly, also to support my first goal, I’ve dedicated myself to reading 6 books in the financial space until the end of the year. Here are the 6 books I’ve chosen for this challenge:

  1. Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude by Mark Douglas
  2. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
  3. The Little Book That Still Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt
  4. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio
  5. How to Day Trade for a Living: Tools, Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology by Andrew Aziz
  6. Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins

This should help me leveling up my financial literacy skills so that I get a strong start into 2021. Who’s pumped for that as well? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Entrepreneur Recap for September 2020. If you did, you can read other recaps and more content in my entrepreneur lifestyle section.

If you are an entrepreneur out there and you are reading this, please contact me over social or drop me a comment in the comments section below, because I would love to catch-up. I’m also planning to interview other entrepreneurs on this channel, so let me know if you would be interested in that.

And as always, if you have any questions, drop me a comment in the comments section below.

Take it easy!

Dan Schenk

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