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Investment portfolio recap march feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – March 2021

We end the first quarter of the year with another solid month. My portfolio is in the green and far ahead of the general market. I was able to take profits on one of my positions and re-invested that straight back into the market. Yet cash remains my largest holding to date. Will there be another substantial pullback forming or is the current trend going to continue throughout the year? While we never know for sure, it’s not a bad idea to keep some cash on the side to prepare for future market turmoils. Remember, the best value investments appear when the market sells off. So I’m waiting for just that to happen.
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Investment Portfolio Review February 2021 Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – February 2021

February 2021 was a solid month for the overall market. Most indices are in the green, but my portfolio was once again coming out on top of them all with a huge gain on the month. This puts me up nicely on the year so far. On top, I was able to reduce my overarching cash position a little bit, yet it remains my biggest holding right now. This year I’m certainly prepped better for the next storm than last year, so I’m looking forward to some nice pullback to get the rest of my cash back into the market.
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Investment Portfolio Overview January 2021

Investment Portfolio Overview – January 2021

The new year of 2021 started well for my portfolio, although all benchmarks started the year in the red. On top, I was quite busy getting out of some of my positions and also entering new ones. I’m going into this year with a huge cash position, which I’m just waiting to get back into the market once the opportunity arises. Other than that, I’m mostly following my value investing strategy, which already brought me solid returns in 2020, why change a winning system now?
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Investment Portfolio Review 2020

Investment Portfolio Review – 2020

2020, what a year it has been. Initially, everyone thought this is it. The bull market is over and we’re at the beginning of a brutal bear market for many months and years to come. Funnily enough, the bear market only lasted a couple of weeks and before we knew it, we were already coming out of it. At the end of the year, the FTSE indices are still in the red, but overall the market has seen much enthusiasm. Especially the NASDAQ recovered with immense speed and confidence and already made new all-time highs in June, just 3 months after the devastating lows in March. My portfolio has been doing great this year, too. I’ve outperformed all my benchmarks and finishing on a solid 25% gain.
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Investment Portfolio Overview November_feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – November 2020

Oh, November, what have you brought me. Explosive growth. Absolutely killing it. My portfolio literally jumped up in value and surpassed all the benchmarks in the 2020 performance so far. The catalysts making this gain possible came down to the announcement of a vaccine for covid 19 and the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the US. Both reduced uncertainty in the market, which consequently led to immersive growth rates for a few industries. I managed to concentrate my portfolio in the months before on exactly those industries, hence now enjoying a wild ride to new highs.
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Investment Portfolio Overview_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – October 2020

October on paper has been the worst month for my portfolio since the start of the rally in April. Despite it all started really promising earlier in the month and for a short moment I was in the green on the cumulative all-time performance. What followed were a few tough weeks with a few drawdowns. I used those drawdowns to go on a massive spending spree once again to get my overwhelming cash position of over 25% of my overall portfolio back into the market. At least the spending spree was a success, I entered a total of 8 new positions. More than I have done anytime before in a single month. On top I sold one of my oldest holding for a juicy triple digit percentage gain.
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