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Investment Portfolio Overview August 2020_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – August 2020

Loads of things going on in August in my Portfolio. I entered three new positions and sold two of my existing holdings. I also came out first in terms of monthly performance against my benchmarks. Momentum was definitely on my side in August. I’m having solid cash-reserves, which I’m looking to get into the market during the rest of the year and hoping to not only break-even on the annual performance but even making a nice profit after the Corona Disaster in the First Quarter of the Year.
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Investment Portfolio Overview July_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – July 2020

July was a bit of a flat runner, after some months with crazy volatility. However, I was able to get some of my cash reserves back into the market and snapped up some highly discounted shares. Still, about 5% of my portfolio is lying in cash at the moment, so I will keep looking out for opportunities throughout August and beyond to get the rest of my cash back to work to ideally being able to finish the year on break-even or a small profit.
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Investment Portfolio Overview_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – June 2020

The first half of the year is in the books and well, the second quarter did look a lot better than the first one, didn’t it? I finished last month up way ahead of my benchmarks and hoping to be able to build on that momentum in the second half of the year. Do we see another bull run or is everything falling apart again? We shall see and in any case, you’ll find my monthly recaps here presenting nothing but the facts and stats.
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Investment Portfolio Review May_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – May 2020

May has seen further gains in the market after a superb month of April. I also closed one of my longest-held positions, which also has been my second largest position until last month. This means, I’m finally having some cash again, which I can pump back into the market. I’m officially back on the hunt for new value and growth investments, although I have a feeling that I’m going to focus on value investments for the time being. The whole Corona situation just created the perfect environment for that. I’m excited about the second half of the year, are you too?
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Investment Portfolio Review_Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – April 2020

April turned out to bring my largest % gain ever so far, which is certainly relieving after the previous 2 months of aggressive sell-off. Even after recent gains, these should still be fantastic times to inject cash into the market. Unfortunately, I only had ammunition for one shot, which I took with great precautions. On the other hand, I experienced defaulting on one of my positions for the first time. Read all the details in this post.
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Investment Portfolio Review March 2020 Feature

Investment Portfolio Overview – March 2020

What’s there to say about March 2020? Covid19 broke it all. Or rather the various governments with their silly shut-down and lock-down strategies. Good for those who have hoarded a lot of cash in wise foresight. They can now go on a real bargain hunt and buy up what’s out there in the market at deeply discounted trades. Everyone else just sees their portfolio melting like a snowman in the warm sun. Find out how my portfolio compares to the benchmarks.
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