Investment Portfolio Overview – July 2020

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July was a bit of a flat runner, after some months with crazy volatility. However, I was able to get some of my cash reserves back into the market and snapped up some highly discounted shares. Still, about 5% of my portfolio is lying in cash at the moment, so I will keep looking out for opportunities throughout August and beyond to get the rest of my cash back to work to ideally being able to finish the year on break-even or a small profit.
I hope you enjoy reading my investment portfolio review for July 2020.
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Performance June 2020

Monthly Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review July 2020

July was pretty much a flat month. My portfolio is idling at -0.4%, which is ahead of the UK Benchmarks, but behind the once more stunning Vanguard Total World Stock ETF. Hoping to get some more excitement back into my portfolio next month.
Here are the benchmarks:

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: -3.5%
  • FTSE 100: -4.2%
  • FTSE Mid 250: -1.1%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: 5.3%
YTD Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review July 2020

Year to date, my portfolio, as well as all benchmarks, are still in the red. However, I’m getting I was able to further extend the GAP to the UK benchmarks which are all still deeply in the red. The current front-runner Vanguard Total World Stock ETF almost made it to break-even already, I reckon next month it’ll be where it left off in 2019.
My portfolio is still down 12% on the year, but with a bit of luck and wise investment decisions, I’m still having a realistic chance to turn this year around in the remaining months. We shall see.
Here are the benchmarks:

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: -21%
  • FTSE 100: -22%
  • FTSE Mid 250: -23%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: -3%
Cumulative Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review July 2020

Looking at the cumulative performance, I have now reclaimed the second spot. That’s the first time since September 2018. I might be on the right track after all right now.
However, my portfolio is still in the red with a -9% decline since August 2017. Although, most of the benchmarks aren’t looking any healthier, except the Vanguard Total World Stock ETF.

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: -11%
  • FTSE 100: -20%
  • FTSE Mid 250: -14%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: 13%

Biggest Gainers

Thor Mining PLC, +64%
Thor Mining seems to be on a good run these days. Not that it would make any revenue yet, but that’s another story. If it continues like this, I might break-even on this investment after all. We’ll say. Definitely not adding to my position on this one anytime soon.

Fresnillo PLC, +47%
Fresnillo, another miner, also surged in July due to precious metal prices increasing. The share price is now actually getting close to my target price of 1200 now, so I’m getting ready to sell my stake once it breaks that level.

Sopheon PLC, +22%
Sopheon, the Software and services provider seemed to have a good month as well. Not that it would’ve been on the back of good news or anything, but just riding the market momentum. Still a fair deal off from my target price of 1200, so will be holding it for another while before banking profits.

Biggest Losers

Micro Focus International PLC, -35%
Micro Focus, the software group, isn’t having a great time right now with Covid and other problems. Now they’re looking at an interim loss and shares consequently slumped. On the book to market ratio, they are now looking very cheap with only 0.2, but I’ll stay away until we see profits again. Then I’ll happily increase my position on this.

Kier Group PLC, -34%
Kier Group, the Infrastructure company, has been hit by Covid as well, although not as hard as other firms. Still one of my favourite stocks in my portfolio at the moment and I have used the opportunity created by this 34% slump to load up some more shares. The book to market ratio of 0.2 and the P/E ratio of 1.1 is just too good to not invest into this company right now. I’ll happily add some more shares next month, if we see the share price deteriorating further.

Asiamet Resources Limited, -30%
Asiamet, another miner declined sharply in July. And the firm looks quite dead to me to be honest. The total equity the firm holds is pretty much negative right now, so not sure how they want to get out of this hole without making any revenue. Probably one to default in the future. Certainly not going to add to my position on this one.


Top Holdings

Below the Top 10 holdings as of July 2020.

Finally got some of my cash back into the market, consequently, cash allocation moved down from 9% to 5%.
Scottish Mortgage still has a bit too much exposure for my taste, I’m really looking to sell that off soon. One last push over the 1000 mark and I’d be out of it.
Fresnillo was rising sharply from the last spot to spot 4, while the rest was fairly stable.

NrHolding% of Portfolio
1Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC12%
2Asian Total Return Investment Company PLC9%
3Frontier Developments PLC7%
4Fresnillo PLC6%
6Iqe PLC5%
7Kier Group PLC4%
8Tr European Growth Trust PLC4%
9Evraz PLC4%
10Standard Chartered PLC4%

New Positions

Cineworld Group PLC @48p
First-time entry into Cineworld, the Cinema chain, which is obviously beaten hard by Corona as in most countries, nobody is allowed to go to the Cinema after all. Consequently, the book to market ratio lies at 0.3 right now with a P/E ratio of only 3.2. A fabulous value investment opportunity. I’m looking for a further slide down to the 40p mark, where I would further add to my position. My current target lies at 450p, which would be an 800% return on investment.

Kier Group PLC @70p
Further added to my position in Kier Group, now having about 4% of my portfolio exposed into this firm. But with a book to market ratio of 0.2 and a PE ratio of 1.1, there’s not much else to say than invest into this now. My current target is at 930p, what would be a 1200% return of investment from my latest entry point. Juicy.

Stobart Group PLC @40p
Stobart Group had an open offer where I was able to snap up some shares at 40p. Although I feel the path for recovery will be very long and tedious. Once they turn back to profitability, I’ll increase my stake again.

Closed Positions

No positions closed last month.

I hope you find my investment portfolio recap for July 2020 useful. How did your portfolio perform last month and have you bought or sold any shares? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to discuss.

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