Investment Portfolio Overview – June 2020

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The first half of the year is in the books and well, the second quarter did look a lot better than the first one, didn’t it? I finished last month up way ahead of my benchmarks and hoping to be able to build on that momentum in the second half of the year. Do we see another bull run or is everything falling apart again? We shall see and in any case, you’ll find my monthly recaps here presenting nothing but the facts and stats.
I hope you enjoy reading my investment portfolio review for June 2020.
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Performance June 2020

Monthly Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review June 2020

The second quarter of the year finishes with the 3rd green month in a row. Which is a relief, after the disastrous first quarter of 2020.
My portfolio is up 6.1%, which puts me on the first spot, way ahead of the curve this time. Now doesn’t that feel good for once? Here are the benchmarks:

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: 2.0%
  • FTSE 100: 1.9%
  • FTSE Mid 250: 0.6%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: 2.7%
YTD Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review June 2020

Year to date, my portfolio, as well as all benchmarks, are still in the red. However, I’m getting close to leading the track now as I was able to further close the gap to the current front-runner Vanguard Total World Stock ETF.
I’m still down 11% on the year, but momentum seems positive for now, so I think I’m having a realistic chance to turn this year around in the second half. We shall see.
Here are the benchmarks:

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: -18%
  • FTSE 100: -18%
  • FTSE Mid 250: -22%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: -8%
Cumulative Performance Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust - Investment Portfolio Review June 2020

Looking at the cumulative performance, I still have further room for growth. But so has the overall market. My portfolio is still in the red with a -9% decline since August 2017. However, most of the benchmarks aren’t looking any healthier. With the right investment decision in H2, I might be able to get back to break-even by the end of the year.

  • FTSE UK All Share Index: -8%
  • FTSE 100: -17%
  • FTSE Mid 250: -13%
  • Vanguard Total World Stock ETF: 7%

Biggest Gainers

N Brown Group PLC, +60%
Ladies fashion retailer N Brown has been hit especially hard by the Covid-19 situation. Who needs fashion, when you’re locked in your own home? Right, no-one. So it didn’t surprise, shares slumped hard. It does look like it has bottomed out and is now beginning to slowly climb back. I’m having it certainly on my watchlist to add to my position on the next pullback. With a book-to-market ratio of only 0.3 and a PE ratio of 2, there’s an opportunity to buy shares in this firm at a very attractive price right now.

Iqe PLC, +34%
Iqe, the semiconductor specialist has been struggling for a while. Is this the end of the downturn and are we looking finally at a reversal? Well, first of all, the company should get back to profitability, then I will think about adding to my position again. Until then, I’m sitting on the sidelines, simply watching the show unfold.

Polar Capital Holdings PLC, +21%
Polar Capital Holdings is an investment bank, I’ve been invested in for a while. I bought my shares back in 2018, thinking why invest in one of their funds when I can just invest in the entire bank itself. Turned out it wasn’t my best investment and I’m now more or less looking to get out for break-even. Another 20% month like this and my target price of 590p should be almost reached.

Biggest Losers

Stobart Group Ltd, -31%
Stobart Group, an aviation and energy group is leading the top spot of the losers the second time in a row now. I’ve not seen this before. How far can it go? We shall see in the months to come. I’m not adding to my position here until I see that the Group can turn a profit again.

Asiamet Resources Limited, -21%
Asiamet, a miner specialised in Copper doesn’t turn over any revenue yet. Hence, this is more of an experimental investment. Either it goes bust or it flys high. My exposure is minimal and I like to keep it that way. Not looking to add right now.

Yu Group PLC, -15%
Another experimental holding of mine is Yu Group, an energy supplier. 90% of its value was lost when the firm uncovered some accounting errors. Well, who’s unable to count, shouldn’t run a business, certainly any listed on the stock exchange. We’ve seen huge % swings in the past, so this is just another one. The situation hasn’t changed. I’m probably gonna dump my remaining shares someday when the transaction fees are lower than how much my holding is still worth.


Top Holdings

Below the Top 10 holdings as of June 2020.

Not a lot has changed last month in terms of my Top 10 Holdings. I’m still looking to get my cash re-invested. 9% is way too much cash for my taste.
Also, I’d like to sell my holdings in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. It had an awesome run in the past weeks and I’m not entirely convinced how far it can go from here. Besides, I don’t like having more than 10% of my portfolio tied up in a single position.
Apart from that, no newcomers or drop-outs to the Top 10 Holdings. All smooth and steady.

NrHolding% of Portfolio
1Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC11%
3Asian Total Return Investment Company PLC9%
4Frontier Developments PLC6%
5Iqe PLC5%
6Standard Chartered PLC (LSE)4%
7Evraz PLC4%
8Tr European Growth Trust PLC4%
9Kier Group PLC4%
10Fresnillo PLC4%
Portfolio Exposure Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust  - Investment Portfolio Review June 2020

New Positions

No new positions entered last month.

Closed Positions

No positions closed last month.

I hope you find my investment portfolio recap for June 2020 useful. How did your portfolio perform last month and have you bought or sold any shares? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to discuss.

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