Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust (DSL IT)

You have a lot of cash lying around, but don’t know what to do with it? You know you should invest it, but you are lacking knowledge of the financial markets?
Good news, you can now invest in the Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust or short DSL IT.


The Dan Schenk Life Investment Trust is an actively managed, low-cost investment trust, investing in a portfolio of companies and funds with the aim of maximising its total return to its shareholders over the long term. The manager aims to achieve a greater return than the FTSE UK All Share Index over a 12 months-rolling period.
The portfolio aims to hold a balance between equities and funds, with all equities and funds trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
A percentage of the total assets may be held in cash depending on external market conditions.

Key Information

  • Benchmark: FTSE UK All Share Index
  • Launch: 01/08/2017
  • Domicile: United Kingdom
  • Asset Class: Equity
  • Geographical Region: Global
  • Base Currency: GBP
  • Minimum Investment: £1000
  • Minimum Holding time: 1 Month


  • Management Fee: 1% (of Total Assets; annual)
  • Performance Fee: 20% (of performance over benchmark; annual)

Top Holdings & Performance

You find the latest updates about the Top 10 holdings of DSL IT and its performance in my monthly portfolio overview reports. See the latest one below.


Does the investment trust pay a dividend?

DSL IT does not pay a dividend. The investment trust aims to maximise the total return to its shareholders, therefore will re-invest any dividends paid by any of its holdings.

How do I estimate the annual charges?

The management fee of 1% applies to total assets. This means if you invest £1000 in DSL IT, you get charged £10 per year.
The performance fee of 20% applies to the difference in the performance of DSL IT versus its benchmark. Let’s assume the benchmark makes 4% per year and DSL IT makes 6% per year. That means you get charged 20% of the difference of 6% and 4%, which is 20% * 2% = 0.4%. On your £1000 investment that would be £4.
Your total charges for the year are therefore £14 or 1.4% of your initial investment value.

What if the DSL IT doesn’t make any profit?

If the DSL IT makes less profit than the benchmark, no profit at all or a loss in a given timeframe, no performance fee will be payable. The management fee still applies though.

What if the DSL IT makes a loss – Do I get my investment back?

Investing in DSL IT is at your own risk. You are not covered for any losses. However, you cannot lose more than your initial investment. In the case where the DSL IT defaults (means drops to 0 value), there won’t be any management or performance fees payable. Your max loss is the amount you put in.

When and how can I withdraw my money?

There will be a chance at the first of every month to withdraw funds from the DSL IT. You can withdraw any amount up to your total asset value (minus applicable fees). In order to withdraw any funds, you need to request withdrawals from the fund manager at least 14 days in advance via email enquiry.

Is the manager’s money also invested in DSL IT?

Absolutely. The majority of funds in the investment trust are provided by the manager. This means if the trust performs badly, not only you but also the manager will lose money. This ensures the manager is motivated to deliver the prospective results.

All sounds great! Where can I invest?

I am accepting additional investors at the moment. Just fill out the form below and I will get in touch shortly.


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