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Entrepreneur Recap October_Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – October 2020

October was a bit of a weird one. My overall profits were way down, although my cash flow was sky-high. I didn’t manage to complete any of my goals, yet remember having a good time. Guess, when you’re in Bali it’s easy to forget your failures and just focus on your wins, the warmth of the sun, the good vibes, beaches, coconuts, parties and pools. Although, I know that I really have to attack and level up in the last two months of the year. At least if I want to sustain my lifestyle here throughout 2021, which will very likely be much harder than 2020. The Corona Plandemic in 2020 just opened a lot of doors, which otherwise would’ve been shut. So, I’m very grateful for the opportunities presented to me in 2020 yet also mindful that this won’t last forever.
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Entrepreneur Recap September 2020 Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – September 2020

September, what have you brought me? First of all some nice holidays for Balinese Galungan. Then the addition of a new family member. Paying off my last debt facility – making me officially debt-free! Some success in my Investing workstream, however, getting beaten in my DSL trading workstream. Market 1: Dan 1. Tritium having a bit of a low season right now as well so will need to see what Q4 will bring into my life. Hopefully lots of young coconuts, lush beaches and a nice success story in my DSL Trading Workstream. Make it happen, Ganesha 😉
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Entrepreneur Recap August 2020 Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – August 2020

August has been a rather quiet month – and that’s exactly how I planned it. After some crazily busy months in June and July, August was full of beaches, coconuts, rides with my motorbike, playing with my little pup, sunsets and other joyful events. Of course, I also kept on working on my multiple workstreams and generated enough profit to keep me going here in beautiful Bali. In the back-office, I’m still working on making my DSL Trading workstream profitable and might have discovered a new and refined strategy that makes it possible. We’ll see in the next weeks and months to come.
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Entrepreneur Recap July 2020_feature

Entrepreneur Recap – July 2020

July has been a bit overloaded with work from my Consulting with Tritium workstream. Juggling 3 clients at once for most of the month really did keep me busy. On the plus side, I was able to make some nice bucks from it, which I can enjoy now that the work is done and the clients are happy (hopefully). Looking forward to August, just relaxing a bit, going to the beach a lot and eating loads of ice cream. Unfortunately, my DSL Trading workstream did take a huge hit in July and August will be all about taking a step back, re-thinking and re-defining. Let’s get to it.
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