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Entrepreneur Recap March 2021 Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – March 2021

The first quarter of 2021 is already over and boy there were many things going on already this year. I started a new workstream DSL Crypto with so far great success. My Investment Fund is doing extremely well given the positive momentum in the markets right now. I’m still struggling with my trading, however have restructured my goals and activities and working now towards a new roadmap. Consulting was taking a sudden plunge as we stopped working with our client mid-month, but it kind of freed my time to focus more on my other workstreams, so I’m not complaining too much about it. So, all in all, the first quarter was full of exciting activities and I’m now looking into an even more exciting second quarter of the year. Bring it on!
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Entrepreneur Recap February Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – February 2021

February has been a busy month. Not only was I moving again (this time to the Gu), and work for e-commerce clients kept me incredibly busy. On top of it all, I started a new workstream: DSL Crypto. Read more about it in this post below. Other than that, profits are rolling in nicely and cash flow is at a solid high as well. Life in Bali is still wonderful. Even Gula has found a new boyfriend quickly here in Canggu. Now remains just one more question: What is the next level and how to level up? I’ll let you know in my next recap once I found the answer.
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Entrepreneur Recap January 2021_Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – January 2021

The new year started for me without many crazy things going on. Most of the time I was working for clients and in the time between I tried to get my trading workstream up to speed. Cash-Flow is in the green, my portfolio is positive, too and more profits are rolling in. I’m largely on track for my first two goals, which I am concentrating on in Q1. So far so good. I did make friends with an elderly doggy, Tommy, and am now embarking on a new journey in Canggu. Yes, I’m finally relocating to the busy, central hub of Bali. Exciting times ahead.
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entrepreneur recap 2020_feature

Entrepreneur Recap – 2020

2020 – for many the worst year of their lives. Not for me. It might have been the best year of my life instead. At least financially speaking I was crushing it. My annual profits were at an all-time high, my DSL Investment Trust made all-time high gains and I was able to pay off my debt plus started building a cash cushion again. On the side of the goals, I only achieved half of my goals and it is a bit of a bummer that DSL trading still is unprofitable. So, in a way, there wasn’t too much progress last year when it comes to diversification of my workstreams. Also, we had to shut down one of our ventures, another workstream busted. All in all, however, 2020 was a really good year. Corona came at exactly the right time for me and I was more than lucky to be able to spend most of 2020 here in beautiful Bali.
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