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entrepreneur recap 2020_feature

Entrepreneur Recap – 2020

2020 – for many the worst year of their lives. Not for me. It might have been the best year of my life instead. At least financially speaking I was crushing it. My annual profits were at an all-time high, my DSL Investment Trust made all-time high gains and I was able to pay off my debt plus started building a cash cushion again. On the side of the goals, I only achieved half of my goals and it is a bit of a bummer that DSL trading still is unprofitable. So, in a way, there wasn’t too much progress last year when it comes to diversification of my workstreams. Also, we had to shut down one of our ventures, another workstream busted. All in all, however, 2020 was a really good year. Corona came at exactly the right time for me and I was more than lucky to be able to spend most of 2020 here in beautiful Bali.
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Entrepreneur Recap November feature

Entrepreneur Recap – November 2020

November was a big hit! My Investment Portfolio made the biggest gain in a single month so far, tons of overdue invoices got finally paid, so my cash-flow is as green as it’s ever been while my overall annual profits for 2020 now officially exceed what I made when I was still full-time employed. The entrepreneur game is paying off – slowly but surely. All of this puts me in a good position for 2021, where removing dangerous dependencies and further scaling of own-built income streams will be the motto. This is the last monthly update for the year as the next update will be the 2021 annual recap. I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly entrepreneur updates throughout 2020 and I am looking forward to your continued support in 2021. Have a good end of the year everyone – and see you in the next one.
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Entrepreneur Recap October_Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – October 2020

October was a bit of a weird one. My overall profits were way down, although my cash flow was sky-high. I didn’t manage to complete any of my goals, yet remember having a good time. Guess, when you’re in Bali it’s easy to forget your failures and just focus on your wins, the warmth of the sun, the good vibes, beaches, coconuts, parties and pools. Although, I know that I really have to attack and level up in the last two months of the year. At least if I want to sustain my lifestyle here throughout 2021, which will very likely be much harder than 2020. The Corona Plandemic in 2020 just opened a lot of doors, which otherwise would’ve been shut. So, I’m very grateful for the opportunities presented to me in 2020 yet also mindful that this won’t last forever.
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Entrepreneur Recap September 2020 Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – September 2020

September, what have you brought me? First of all some nice holidays for Balinese Galungan. Then the addition of a new family member. Paying off my last debt facility – making me officially debt-free! Some success in my Investing workstream, however, getting beaten in my DSL trading workstream. Market 1: Dan 1. Tritium having a bit of a low season right now as well so will need to see what Q4 will bring into my life. Hopefully lots of young coconuts, lush beaches and a nice success story in my DSL Trading Workstream. Make it happen, Ganesha 😉
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