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Entrepreneur Recap August 2020 Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – August 2020

August has been a rather quiet month – and that’s exactly how I planned it. After some crazily busy months in June and July, August was full of beaches, coconuts, rides with my motorbike, playing with my little pup, sunsets and other joyful events. Of course, I also kept on working on my multiple workstreams and generated enough profit to keep me going here in beautiful Bali. In the back-office, I’m still working on making my DSL Trading workstream profitable and might have discovered a new and refined strategy that makes it possible. We’ll see in the next weeks and months to come.
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Entrepreneur Recap July 2020_feature

Entrepreneur Recap – July 2020

July has been a bit overloaded with work from my Consulting with Tritium workstream. Juggling 3 clients at once for most of the month really did keep me busy. On the plus side, I was able to make some nice bucks from it, which I can enjoy now that the work is done and the clients are happy (hopefully). Looking forward to August, just relaxing a bit, going to the beach a lot and eating loads of ice cream. Unfortunately, my DSL Trading workstream did take a huge hit in July and August will be all about taking a step back, re-thinking and re-defining. Let’s get to it.
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Entrepreneur Recap June Feature

Entrepreneur Recap – June 2020

June was a strong month for me. Green cash-flow, the 3rd time in a row. My profits are at an all-time high as well and there’s no sign of a downturn in sight just yet. I’m looking at another strong month of July before I might take it a bit easier again in August and enjoy this beautiful island a bit more, I’m living on right now. Nonetheless, there’s always some fun you can experience, even if you’re working long hours every day. I got myself something exciting, new and fast to enjoy last month – read more about it in the post.
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Entrepreneur Anniversary_Feature

Celebrating The Entrepreneur Lifestyle – 1 Year Anniversary

1 year living the Entrepreneur Lifestyle! 1 year of freedom and independence. And 1 year of real struggle and hustle. In the end, I have survived the first year of entrepreneurship and that is all that counts, even sometimes it did feel like I was stuck until my chin in the sand and can’t move forward. Below, I review my first year, tell about the good things that happened and the bad and how much money I burned in the process. Will there be a happy ending? Read more to find out!
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